About us...
We are a small team who have begun to build a collection of illustrations, text and information relating to the 19th and early 20th Century.

The illustrations are from weekly periodicals, The Illustrated London News, The Graphic and others. These publications kept their Victorian readers up to date with news and events and presented the outside world to them, often for the first time.
Access to information was very different then and their news might often be a month old, or more. Imagine how, in such an innovative age, the printed word, the pictures, the portraits and the adverts must have dismayed and delighted the reader. Now it is your turn....

What we offer
...the opportunity to own a piece of history
...the chance to absorb information from the very same page as the original reader
...an illustration or text, telling a story from a very long time ago
...a page bearing the date of publication, with the earliest from 1833

It is important to realise that the illustrations, or texts, are not perfect, but this certainly adds to their charm. Most are dated, but not all. You can view these illustrations onsite, but remember they are reproduced at low resolution for the Web and are watermarked with our name. In true life they are stunning.

Please be mindful that as these illustrations are early periodicals, other original copies may survive.



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